Patrick Shaver “Dinkheller”

On March 14, 2019 the Cape Girardeau Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 51 along with the Cape Girardeau Police Department hosted Patrick Shaver to show the documentary “Dinkheller”. Lets start by introducing Patrick. Patrick and his wife Carla own Indieclever Media an independent film production company based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Patrick is originally from Georgia where he served with the Atlanta Police Department. In 2013, Patrick began filming “Officer Involved” while still serving full time at the Atlanta Police Department traveling tens of thousands of miles on his days off. By 2016, Shaver took a leave of absence from the Atlanta Police Department. During that time, Shaver and his wife Carla sold their home and purchased a travel trailer in order to travel across the country showing the film, “Officer Involved”. Patrick, his wife Carla, and their newborn son, traveled tens of thousands of miles to interview nearly 100 police officers involved in shootings, asking them questions about their incidents and the effect it has taken on their lives afterwards. It took nearly four years to complete the project “Officer Involved”.

Patrick wanted to give a real perspective of what officers go through when they are involved in an officer involved shooting. Patrick did very little narrating on the film and wanted the film to be their (Officers) voices not his. Since “Officer Involved”, Patrick has done several other documentaries such as, ” Folly Beach: Preserving the Edge of America”, “Honor Chair”, “Voices Speak” and “Dinkheller.”

Now lets introduce Deputy Kyle Dinkheller. Twenty years ago, Georgia Deputy Kyle Dinkheller was brutally murdered along a cold stretch of highway in rural Georgia in what has become the most infamous police dash cam video ever captured. The footage itself has been seen around the world millions of times, often attached to false stories and rumors. In 2017, Patrick sought out to understand who that deputy was outside of one bad day and, in doing so, found a seed of truth that turned a short film into a feature-length investigation. Here are some of the awards the film has earned so far.

AWARD ‘Best Documentary Directing’ Colorado International Film Festival
AWARD ‘Best South Carolina Film’ South Carolina Underground Film Festival
’Official Selection ‘ REEL East Texas Film Festival
’Official Selection’ Niagara Falls International Film Festival.
‘Official Selection’ Knoxville Film Festival
‘Official Selection’ 2018 Macon Film Festival.
‘Official Selection’ 2018 Milledgeville+Eatonton Film Festival.
Nominated ‘Best Documentary Feature’ 2018 New York City Int’l Film Festival.

The Cape Girardeau Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 51 highly recommends hosting the “Dinkheller Screening.” You can contact Patrick via his website and also look at some of the other projects Patrick has completed and is currently working on. If an organization, school or academy is interested in making “Officer Involved” or any other film part of their curriculum or holding any sort of group screening, you can contact Patrick through his website.  Patrick said so far they have had a great response from departments who have decided to bring the film into their curriculum. All sales are slated to help Patrick with future film projects and a percentage will be donated to charity.

“Officer Involved” can be purchased from The DVD comes with Spanish subtitles and closed captions. There is also a 30-minute segment called “Making Officer Involved” where Patrick and his wife Carla discuss what it took to make the film and share stories. Patrick said word of mouth is his biggest asset.

If any individuals or groups have questions in regards to FOP Lodge 51, thoughts on “Dinkheller” please contact us at and we will be glad to help in any way possible.

Kyle Dinkheller EOW – January 12, 1998.




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